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Crown’s 50th Anniversary

This year we celebrate our 50th Anniversary. By uniquely satisfying our customers’ needs through innovation, Crown has grown from a small company to an internationally respected enterprise and has served over 5000 customers in 60 countries. Crown Roll Leaf is a family-owned business, started by its founder Robert Waitts in 1972. The company continues to … Read more

Crown’s new COO

Crown is happy to announce the appointment of Charles Yetka as its Chief Operating Officer. Charlie started this position at the beginning of 2020. Charlie started his hot stamping foil career with Dri Print Foils in 1970 as a color-matcher for pigment foils. It was at Dri Print that he learned the science and art … Read more

LumaChrome Holographic

Holographic Colour-shifting film for advanced brand protection LumaChrome Holographic offers quick, intuitive two-factor visual authentication. Colour shifting LumaChrome technology is combined with an embossed holographic security pattern to deliver advanced brand protection. The crisp colour transition and holographic imageswitch effects are immediately visible when the viewing angle is changed. Combined, these unique effects are simple … Read more